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Storytelling: How to find and tell your company’s story

Experienced marketers know the best way to talk about a company is by telling stories.  I’m not talking about the Dr. Seuss kind; I’m talking about your one-of-kind corporate story that infuses a human element and establishes a true connection with your audiences.

The kind of story that persuades, inspires and influences others. The type that digs deep into your company’s ethos and reveals who you are, where you’re from, how you got started and what you stand for.

storytellingStorytelling connects us in an emotional way and brings us closer to the storyteller. It grabs peoples’ attention. Telling your story to a stakeholder – whether it be an employee, an investor or a customer – will help you to get them on your side.

Effective corporate storytelling is relevant, interesting and informative. It is authentic and encourages your audience to start conversations with each other and even with your brand directly.

So how do you find your story? Every business has dozens of stories to tell.  Here are some examples: Continue reading


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30 ways to promote your blog

The adage “build it and they will come” definitely doesn’t hold true when it comes to online content.   Just because you took the time to painstakingly create engaging content in a variety of online formats, doesn’t mean a loyal following of fans will magically appear.

You have to promote your content.  In today’s interconnected world, dozens of opportunities exist.  Are you seizing them? has created an attractive infographic that outlines 30 ways to promote your blog posts and I’d like to share it with because I think it does a good job encapsulating a variety of tactics that you might want to think about using.

I recently promoted an infographic for a client that was posted in their corporate blog and found that, despite my best efforts to make it go viral, the number of views in the company’s blog wasn’t as high as I would have personally liked; however, the ‘sticky factor’ for those viewers that took the time to read the blog entry was about 4 minutes, which is quite impressive!  Our unique visitor count wasn’t sky-high, but it did attract quality visitors who were interested in the content.  It’s quality traffic, not quantity that matters.

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Optimized Press Releases: Press Releases on Steroids

In this era of online media, PR and social marketing pros are providing value in new ways.

The gold standard for a brilliant press release today extends beyond mainstream press coverage and includes well-thought out SEO that generates direct traffic to an organization’s website and provides self-published news directly to the customer. The reporter or editor is no longer the middleman.

Third party endorsements from news media and bloggers are still valuable but a well written, keyword rich press release can generate thousands links and help “bury” bad news, poor product reviews and customer comments that show up in Google. Continue reading

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Pinterest PR Primer

The hottest tool to hit the social media scene is Pinterest, a digital bulletin board of sorts where users post theme-based image and video collections.  It connects everyone in the world through shared tastes and the “things” they find interesting.  It’s fun, easy, visually appealing and highly interactive.  And it’s catching on like wildfire!

Pinterest has nearly five million users, and is rapidly growing. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the site. While the primary users are currently women who post lifestyle-based vision boards, some brands are beginning to use Pinterest as a heavy-hitting marketing tool.

How can your company use Pinterest?   Here’s a short PR primer to get you started:

  • Create a Pinterest account – don’t forget to include a photo, your company’s website address and a brief  description in the “About” section.
  • Create a variety of boards.  Remember, the more creative and interesting your board names, the better.
  • Connect your Pinterest account  to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  This is a great way to attract followers.
  • Post a Pin It bookmarklet on your website and social media channels.
  • Pin lots of stuff.  It’s better to do it in spurts to maximize your exposure and engagement. Continue reading


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Infographics: A PR secret weapon

In a recent issue of the Globe and Mail, I learned about a cool new, web-based app called, which takes user data from LinkedIn and turns it into a customizable infographic résumé like this one I quickly created for myself here: – Maria Loscerbo.

Some people believe conventional text-based resumes are too linear to describe information that is often non-linear. This software tool allows you to market yourself visually with a creative and interactive résumé that you can construct in less than 5 minutes.

With, prospective employers can read about your work history in a dynamic and colourful flowchart complete with stylized sections that include skills, interests, testimonials and relevant career statistics. The creator of this app was originally inspired by the infographic resume of writer Chris Spurlock. This resume (shown above) garnered high profile media coverage around the world and, eventually, a journalism job at Huffington Post.

I am a huge advocate of infographics for PR purposes! Not only are they a quick way to graphically convey key information but they are a helpful visual aid for time-crunched people who want the top line facts in about 10 seconds.

Continue reading


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LinkedIn adds a “share” button

I just heard that LinkedIn added a share button.  This is one of the easiest ways your company can increase its online FB profile and it’s now available on LinkedIn too. I recommend you insert the new share button in your organization’s website and blog to encourage online visitors to share your articles, tips, blog posts, video and other content.

Go here and choose from one of three styles. Grab the code and insert it onto your site. (If you can’t do this yourself, delegate this to your techie.)

LinkedIn is a great way to reach a professional audience. The social media site has 85M world wide users – of which 4.2M are corporate executives; nearly 8M are business decision makers and 1.3M are small business owners.

For communication professionals, LinkedIn is also a good way to research and connect with journalists, make connections,  use the news feed to share information, and engage with audiences through LinkedIn Answers.

Here’s another tip:  You can use LinkedIn to find bloggers in a particular industry. How? Use the advance search feature of LinkedIn, then type “blog” as keyword and, for this industry, you will get all the people in your network that have a blog listed in their profile. Makes it handy to get to know them or to build a list of relevant bloggers for a particular need. See you on LinkedIn!  Maria Loscerbo

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Make your social media messages relevant

Many companies that foray into social media yield nothing more than wasted time and effort. Before you establish a company Twitter account or start a Facebook page, step back and think about what messages will be relevant to your stakeholders or potential customers. If your brand and your communications aren’t useful or interesting to them, you might as well be tweeting into a black hole.

Start by understanding the conversations that are already happening around your brand. Then craft messages accordingly. Before sending anything out, ask yourself: What value does this message carry for our customers? What action are we hoping to inspire? If you don’t have a sharp answer to each of these questions, it’s time to return to the drawing board.  Make sure what you say is relevant to people. You do this by listening to conversations that are already taking place online and offline, about your brands and about other brands or affiliated areas.

I like what Brian Solis says in this article about playing the role of an anthropologist.  What cultural components do you observe in social media exchanges? What do you see the participants valuing in these exchanges? Until you understand what kinds of conversations are taking place, who is in them, and what they value, it will be hard for you to attain this first critical step of producing relevant, shareable social objects. Continue reading

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