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Infographics: A PR secret weapon

In a recent issue of the Globe and Mail, I learned about a cool new, web-based app called, which takes user data from LinkedIn and turns it into a customizable infographic résumé like this one I quickly created for myself here: – Maria Loscerbo.

Some people believe conventional text-based resumes are too linear to describe information that is often non-linear. This software tool allows you to market yourself visually with a creative and interactive résumé that you can construct in less than 5 minutes.

With, prospective employers can read about your work history in a dynamic and colourful flowchart complete with stylized sections that include skills, interests, testimonials and relevant career statistics. The creator of this app was originally inspired by the infographic resume of writer Chris Spurlock. This resume (shown above) garnered high profile media coverage around the world and, eventually, a journalism job at Huffington Post.

I am a huge advocate of infographics for PR purposes! Not only are they a quick way to graphically convey key information but they are a helpful visual aid for time-crunched people who want the top line facts in about 10 seconds.

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How to be a presentation god

Jerry Seinfeld once pointed out in a skit that studies show public speaking is a bigger fear than death. If you are one of those millions of people who have been plagued by the fear of public speaking, this link includes an inspiring presentation by one of the world’s best business communicators:  Steve Jobs. Check it out when you have 5 minutes.  In addition, here are a few lessons learned from this example that might help you sharpen your presentation skills.  Presentation gods: Maria Loscerbo

1.   Understand their audience.  The next time you’re preparing a presentation, ask yourself: Who are they? What do they want to hear? What do they expect?  What keeps then up at night?

2.  Keep it simple.  A few well-chosen key points and images can be a powerful tool.  In the Steve Jobs example I provided you above, Steve never used more than ten words per slide! Good presenters know that the more separate points they make, the less their audience will take in. They don’t inundate their audience with too many details and they don’t lecture to their audience.

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From Good to Great Newsletters, Part II: Writing

I once had a job where, in addition to several other responsibilities, I was the editor of a bi-weekly association newsletter that had 8,000 readers.  I worked there for two years and in that time I probably pumped out more than 50 newsletters. It was a highly read newsletter and  I learned a lot while working on it.  While I can’t take all the credit for the newsletter’s success (I worked with a fabulous internal team), I will take credit for being instrumental in redesigning and re-launching the association’s publication, which included concept development, editorial, photography, advertising, design, layout, and production.  As a follow-up to a previous post “From Good to Great Newsletters, Part I: Content“, here are some tips that focus more on actually writing a newsletter. Continue reading


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From Good to Great Newsletters, Part I: Content

Newsletters are a great staple vehicle for many organizations to communicate to an array of audiences – from employees and association members to customers and residents in a community.

Before you begin creating a newsletter you must be clear on its purpose. First of all, who is your audience?

Remember you’re talking to customers, employees and prospects. Keep their needs and interests in mind at all times. They are probably not interested in only reading about the employee of the month – they want new information that helps them on a daily basis.

Whether you already publish a newsletter or you’re putting one together for the first time, keep these helpful content ideas in mind.
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