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Layoff communication principles

I have witnessed several layoffs in my career. Unfortunately, I can recall one or two scenarios that exemplify ‘what not to do’. It’s an unpleasant experience for everyone involved but if done tactfully, it can help your company recover relatively unscathed following layoffs. I have learned that:

  • you can never over-communicate during downsizing.
  • a company should communicate the facts as honestly as it can and with great compassion.
  • People must walk away from meetings and one-on-one discussions with the feeling that decisions were legitimate and that they were treated fairly and with dignity.
  • Once the downsizing has been complete, it’s time to re-build morale with employees who are still with the organization and reinforce daily, in a positive and genuine manner, the vision, mission, and excitement of moving forward with a leaner team. Make plans to provide rewards and recognition and hold company-sponsored events that re-build team spirit.

This excerpt below summarizes more tips and considerations that your communication team might want to consider if it’s in the unenviable position of developing and implementing layoff communications. Continue reading


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